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introducing gindoro, a clean, minimal hugo theme

gindoro means poplar in Japanese. Gindoro is the theme running this site. It’s a hugo theme, found here (by the way, mouse over these links!), and it does some cool things. It’s only 5449 bytes at the time of this writing. We don’t have syntax highlighting (to improve render times) but you’ll still probably like the curreny format (I hope!) // long lines will cause the block to be scrollable. This is preferable to wrapping lines because you wouldn't be able to tell when it happened!

quick and efficiently unit testing Postgres interfaces in Go for better scalability

Writing tests isn’t always fun. Having your backend break when you change something three functions deep is less fun. Most of the time the Go compiler will fix mistakes for you, but what about when you a parameter to a SELECT this, and, that FROM table query in Postgres? Variadic arguments aren’t checked at compile time, and integration tests won’t help with isolate functions at the bottom level. That’s why writing testable code is always better than it’s more ‘agile’ counterpart.